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Your one-stop Exam Preparation platform.

One to one online classes

Need more? We will match you with an expert teacher based on your level, your exam and your progress so you can have the best online class experience.

A tailored curriculum

Get a comprehensive curriculum with a step by step guide and materials specifically for your exam.

All about your exams

Find in-depth details of your exams including question types, mark-schemes, topics, formats, and much more.

Mock exams

Take mock exams and get corrections to prepare yourself for the real one!

Fun resources

Learn grammar, conjugation, and vocabulary with our fun and engaging interactive content designed by experienced teachers.

    Submit your essays

    We provide topics relevant to your exam, you write the essay and our expert teachers will mark them for you!


    Track your improvement and brag about it by giving access to you teachers and parents.

    Groups & Communities

    Join groups and communities and collaborate for a better learning experience.

    News + History

    Don’t get lost. We find news and history articles and index it for you based on your level and your exam.


    Get to know more about the country native to the language you learn all in one place! Food recipes, local drinks, and locations of greatest interest!

    Books Recommendation

    Need more reading material? We suggest the right books for your exam and provide you with many printable documents.

    Much more!

    and of course many other features …

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